4 drastic changes the NY Giants and Brian Daboll should consider

Some tough calls are needed for the G-Men before it's too late

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2. Fire offensive line coach Bobby Johnson

In his two years as Giants offensive line coach, Bobby Johnson has turned what was once a promising offensive line, into an absolute dumpster fire. Sure, some of the issues can be blamed on the personnel, but there's probably a reason that every linemen who has signed with New York has gotten significantly worse. Really, the only player who's gotten better with Johnson has been Andrew Thomas, who remains one of the best tackles in all of football.

For example, prior to signing with the Giants, Mark Glowinski was one of the more solid guards in the NFL, allowing just two sacks and had a PFF player grade of 70.1. However, in his first season with the team, Glowinski allowed five sacks and saw his grade dip to 63.3, which in all honesty, is being very generous.

This, combined with the complete lack of progression for the aforementioned Neal and how poor the offensive line has looked in general has several fans calling for Johnson's job. Honestly, we can't blame them - the line has looked out of sync, unprepared, and like outright garbage week in and week out. The offense can't continue to struggle as a result of poor line play.

Who knows who the Giants could bring in to replace Johnson? One thing we do know, is that anyone could likely do a better job at this point. The complete regression of this unit as a whole after all the investments Schoen has made is absolutely staggering.