Eagles could end up with Giants DC target after firing Sean Desai

The Eagles are looking for a new DC just like the Giants

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Who will the NY Giants end up signing to be their new defensive coordinator to replace Wink Martindale? This is something people have been focused on since Martindale stormed out of Brian Daboll's office in New Jersey and told him he was done.

Several names of intrigue have popped up, including Ravens defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson, who Adam Schefter has said is one of the most respected pass-game coordinators in the game. Wilson recently interviewed for the job, but with the Eagles now in need of a new DC too, reports are stating that Philly could be looking at a potential reunion with him:

Dennard Wilson is now an Eagles target and that's bad news for the Giants

The Eagles fired Sean Desai over the weekend and Matt Patricia, who took over defensive play-calling duties, won't be back with the team either. Both these moves weren't a surprise, as head coach Nick Sirianni is facing some pressure after Philly blew it late in the season and lost to the Bucs in the Wild Card Round.

What's a bummer here, however, is that Wilson is no stranger to The City of Brotherly Love and he could be interested in re-joining Sirianni's staff. In 2021, Wilson was the DBs coach for the Eagles and then in 2022 he added pass-game coordinator to his title.

He arrived to the Ravens this season and he's played a massive role in the Baltimore defense looking so brilliant. Baltimore is the No. 1 seed in the AFC and they're set to host the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

The Ravens are one win away from getting back to the Super Bowl. Soon enough, Wilson could be getting ready to accept a promotion with a different team, but a lot of Giants fans want to see him join Big Blue. Out of nowhere, there's now concern he could end up in the division, but with the Eagles instead of New York.