4 Eagles stars other than Jalen Hurts the Giants have to worry about

The Giants must contain these studs to secure a Christmas Day victory and get back on track.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
AFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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As the New York Giants prepare to head to Lincoln Financial Stadium and face the Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas Day, they will need nothing short of a Christmas miracle to hand the Eagles their fourth straight loss.

Having lost 14 of the previous 16 matchups dating back to 2016 and amid a four-game slide against the Birds, the Giants will need to continue dialing up new game plans in hopes of revitalizing what once was an ultra-competitive in-division rivalry. With the Giants hoping to turn the tides, look for these four Eagles stars to be vital in deciding the outcome of this critical Christmas day battle.

4. Boston Scott

For Giants fans, Boston Scott’s name carries trauma and frustration. For your average, run-of-the-mill NFL fan, his name is likely followed by “who.” Scott, the long-tenured Eagles running back manning the nickname “Giants killer,” has found loads of success when facing off against the Giants. In the nine games that Scott has played against the Giants, he has scored at least once in everyone, not to mention having a couple of two-touchdown performances.

While this statistic alone is infuriating, the fact that Scott has never been the starting running back and has relatively modest numbers against the NFL’s other 31 teams might be the most annoying part. It feels like he turns a switch when facing off against the Giants, who have certainly felt his wrath.

As we look to this week, it’s hard to imagine a world where Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni doesn’t give Scott a chance to show his ability to carve up the Giants. While Scott has only played 46 offensive snaps this year and been a non-factor for much of the season, it will be crucial for the Giants to look back at the tape and ensure that the 5-6 back doesn’t continue to obliterate the G-Men.