This embarrassing NY Giants stat only makes the loss to Saints even worse

The magic ran out for the Giants in New Orleans

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints
New York Giants v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

After the NY Giants were able take down the Packers and score 24 points in the thrilling win, fans were fired up to see what Tommy DeVito and Co. would be able to do in Week 15. Could an upset against the Saints be on the way?

That's what everyone was hoping for, but the offense was terrible on Sunday at the Superdome, with no rhythm being developed for the run game or the passing game. Down 7-6 at halftime, the Giants had a chance to try and make some noise in the second half, but the third quarter could not have gone worse.

The Giants offense was simply brutal to watch in the second half vs. the Saints

The third quarter was a clown show from the offense. NY recorded only six plays for two yards - yeah, that's beyond embarrassing and something Mike Kafka should be ashamed about. The G-Men finally got a first down with 10:10 left in the fourth quarter, their first of the second half.

Down only one point at halftime and this is how your offense plays with the season on the line? In order to keep the playoff hopes alive, the Giants HAD to take down the Saints on Sunday. The inconsistent play on offense, highlighted by the brutal showing from the offensive line, eliminated any hope of that happening.

As great as DeVito has been in recent weeks, he lost his magic against New Orleans. You can't really blame him, though, as the rookie was sacked seven times against the Saints. With three games left, the Giants really don't have much to play for anymore, which is a total shame.

It will be yet another year where Big Blue will have to watch the postseason from home. This is not what anyone expected after NY went 9-7-1 in 2022.