4 Evan Neal replacements the NY Giants should already be thinking about for 2024

The Giants could move on from Neal at RT following this season

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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It's no secret, Evan Neal was terrible in the NY Giants season-opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. Neal, along with the whole offensive line for that matter, embarrassed themselves in front of a primetime audience as the Cowboys' front seven had their way.

Neal himself stood out in the worst way as the Giants lost 40-0 to their division rival. Neal had a pass block win rate of 70.6 percent, which was 59th out of 60 tackles. Literally, he was the second worst tackle in the league for Week 1. Post Sunday overreactions are common during the football season, but this is nothing new with Neal.

He struggled mightily his rookie year with pass blocking and unfortunately it looks like those struggles are continuing. There's a thought throughout Big Blue Nation that Neal should be moved to guard and with his size and lack of quickness - this might be the move to save his career. If Joe Schoen and Co. listen to the fans, they'll need another right tackle and the 2024 NFL Draft might be the place to find his replacement. Here are four options we're already thinking about:

4. Alabama OT JC Latham

JC Latham is the next member from a long line of Alabama linemen. In his first two college years, he allowed zero sacks and no QB hits. Latham started as a guard as a freshmen before transitioning to tackle as a sophomore. He has the knowledge of the position, but the experience may be a question mark.

However, no matter how small the sample size may be, he has the potential  to keep Daniel Jones protected. His strength is in his hands. He has an ability to manhandle defenders and keep those blocks sustained.

Just because he's a lineman from Alabama, doesn't mean he's a Neal 2.0. He is regarded as a better pass blocker than run blocker, which was the opposite of Neal when he came into the league. Like Neal, some of the linemen skillsets are still a little raw. in particular, his footwork. Latham can rely on his arm strength in college, but he'll need to be able to be quick off the snap once he's in the league. But with Latham being about 20 pounds lighter, it's a skill that should quickly be added to his arsenal.