4 Evan Neal replacements the NY Giants should already be thinking about for 2024

The Giants could move on from Neal at RT following this season
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2. Penn State OT Olumuyiwa Fashanu

The former 3-star recruit is now regarded as the best offensive tackle for the 2024 NFL Draft. We'll see how he performs this year for the Nittany Lions, but if history serves him well, Fashanu will stay right at the top of the draft boards.

In his college career thus far, he has been just short of perfect. Fashanu has only let one person even make contact with his quarterback. That's right only ONE QB hit and no sacks. For all of us tired of seeing Jones get thrown around like a rag doll, this may be the guy. He has long arms, elite hand strength and a fast twitch to beat defenders off the line.

The biggest issue for Fashanu is simply experience. He only played in four games as a freshman and eight as a sophomore. Fortunately, despite his low game count, he hasn't been asked to move around a lot. He's only played tackle and has good knowledge of the position.

Plus, with hopefully a full season under his belt in 2023, that IQ should keep increasing. Like most OL prospects, he's been able to rely on his athleticism, but his technique will need work when he gets to the pros. His strong work ethic should make that an easy fix.