4 Evan Neal replacements the NY Giants should already be thinking about for 2024

The Giants could move on from Neal at RT following this season
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1. Notre Dame OT Joe Alt

Remember how Deonte Banks was Schoen's guy in 2023 and the GM did whatever he could to make sure Banks became a Giant? Joe Alt should be that guy for Schoen in 2024. This is the guy that can be the tackle opposite Andrew Thomas to anchor the offensive line. In his first two college seasons, Alt played in 23 combined games.

He has only allowed three QB hits total. He allowed three sacks as a freshman and zero as a sophomore. Alt has Neal's height and is 30 pounds lighter. He also runs a 4.90 40 which will come in handy getting blocks downfield during Saquon Barkley's big runs.

He has excellent agility, strong arms and hands and is quick as can be off the line. Although, even with how great his footwork already is, he has been known to stop his feet after first contact. All he has to do is keep those feet moving and he's a picture-perfect lineman.

The best part about that problem is it can be taught. Alt has all the physical gifts needed to be a great lineman for the Giants and could be the step Big Blue needs to take for getting an elite offensive line. We'll have our eyes on him next spring, no doubt.

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