Ex-Giants RB Rashad Jennings goes viral for awful 'Wheel of Fortune' moment

The former Big Blue running back gave one of the worst answers you'll ever see
New York Giants v Washington Redskins
New York Giants v Washington Redskins / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Say it ain't so, Rashad Jennings. Now that the former NY Giants running back is enjoying his life in retirement, it's giving him time to do things off the field he enjoys. It turns out, this includes him going on Wheel of Fortune and providing arguably the worst guess at solving things you'll ever see.

This week, Jennings, who spent three seasons with the G-Men, was on the show and he had an answer put on a platter for him. Come on, Mr. Jennings: Driving to Reno with Quentin Tarantino was there for the taking. Just who in the world is Puentin Tarantino?!

Rashad Jennings Wheel of Fortune Moment was so bad it's hilarious

Oh no. If you were taken aback by that response from Jennings, you're not alone. Hey, maybe he just hasn't seen Pulp Fiction or any of the other countless amazing movies Tarantino has released. Can't blame Jennings for that.

Jennings spent the first three years of his career with the Jaguars, followed by one season with the Raiders before making his way to East Rutherford. In total, Jennings spent three years with the G-Men, rushing for 2,095 yards and 10 touchdowns.

His best season with the NFC East side came in 2015, with Jennings rushing for a career-high 863 yards, while adding three rushing touchdowns. Jennings was never considered a superstar RB by any means, but he was a bruiser for the Giants and recorded plenty of big-time plays.

Despite all the great moments for Jennings with New York, we've got to unfortunately call him out here for this latest viral incident. If the Giants ever host an alumni game show night, Jennings will surely be invited, but Victor Cruz, Eli Manning and others probably won't want him on their team. Not after that Wheel of Fortune mishap, that's for sure.