Fan view of former Giant Julian Love breaking Eagles hearts is sensational

Love was the hero for the Seahawks against Philly on Monday night

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Once a Giant, always a Giant! That's how a lot of NY Giants fans are feeling right now after Julian Love was the hero for the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. Love had not one, but two interceptions off Jalen Hurts in the thrilling 20-17 win.

His second one was a thing of beauty, as Hurts took a shot deep downfield, but Love was there with one of the best INTs of the season. Thanks to a Hawks fan on social media, we've gotten a close-up look at the stadium view of Love's play, highlighted by the Seattle faithful going nuts:

Giants fans are showing Julian Love a ton of support after his huge MNF game

That is AWESOME from Love. The closing speed was one thing, but the fact that he was able to somehow get a toe down to complete the interception was also incredible. A lot of Eagles supporters are crying over the play, claiming Love didn't get a second foot down.

Well, there's a reason 'Cry Eagles Cry' is now trending on X. The Eagles were in a good spot to post a strong win against Seattle on the road, but Drew Lock of all people tossed an unreal touchdown to Jaxon Smith-Njigba to close the scoring out at 20-17.

With a little bit of time left on the clock, Hurts thought he had some magic left to get the Eagles in field-goal range. However, Love came up with one of the best plays of the night and Philly has now lost three games in a row. Hurts calling out his teammates after the loss was pretty eye-opening too.

Come Monday, the Giants and Eagles will face off for a Christmas Day showdown. The Eagles are ticked off right now and they're going to want to get back on track. However, with things going from bad to worse for Hurts, Giants fans all of a sudden have some hope an upset can be on the way in Week 16. We have Love to thank for that.