4 first-round mistakes the Giants must avoid in the 2024 NFL Draft

Joe Schoen has to be careful once draft night gets here

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One of the biggest tasks the NY Giants currently face is the 2024 NFL Draft. More specifically, what they will do in the first round with the No. 6 overall pick. There's a whole lot of potential for Joe Schoen to make the right move and find the next franchise player for the Giants this year. However, if Schoen makes the wrong decision, it could cost him his job down the road.

The potential for the Giants to make the right move is high, as this is a draft class loaded with talent when it comes to New York's positions of need. Despite this, the odds of Schoen making a franchise-dooming selection are still noticeable. Let's just hope Schoen doesn't make any of these four mistakes during the first round:

4. Reaching for J.J. McCarthy at No. 6

There is certainly a world where J.J. McCarthy becomes a solid NFL QB, as the 21-year-old national champion definitely does have some good traits. However, the risk is incredibly high with drafting him, especially inside the Top 10.

While at Michigan, McCarthy showed that under the right system, he can be a successful, winning quarterback. The argument can be made that McCarthy is a product of the team around him. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't have certain traits that would make him worth being drafted potentially in the first round.

For example, McCarthy has shown some flashes of making moderately advanced reads for college football. Remember, McCarthy is a very young prospect and this is already more than some older guys in this draft have shown. Alongside this, we're pretty intrigued by his abilities to make plays outside of the pocket.

Despite this, there's not a chance McCarthy would be worth taking so high at sixth overall. Even if he did reach his ceiling, it would likely take a couple years to do so and the Giants need to make some improvements sooner than later. McCarthy could take a while to develop and the G-Men don't have time to waste.