4 first-round mistakes the Giants must avoid in the 2024 NFL Draft

Joe Schoen has to be careful once draft night gets here
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3. Trading back into the first round for Michael Penix or Bo Nix

With all the buzz around the draft recently, it seems like there's a decent chance that one, or both Michael Penix and Bo Nix fall pretty far into the first round. If this happens, we hope the Giants don't get too excited about the chance of trading back into the first round because we really don't think it would be worth it considering their red flags as prospects.

Penix has aspects of his game that make him a pretty tantalizing prospect, but his poor pocket presence and rough injury history have him as a poor fit with the current state of the Giants. During his college career, Penix tore his ACL twice, and separated his AC joint in both shoulders. These are very serious injuries and while he's had two injury-free seasons in 2022 and '23, this is still a concern.

As for Nix, he really just doesn't seem NFL-ready, which is a pretty big problem considering that he'll be 24 when the season starts. He's had one truly successful season in college through five years and it came in an oversimplified Oregon offense that focused on screens and vertical concepts.

Both of these guys could be successful in the NFL, but it wouldn't be worth giving up assets to trade for them. They're both older prospects and have concerns that could make it so they struggle early on in their careers.