5 first-round prospects for Giants fans to watch at the NFL Combine

The Giants will keep an eye on these players' performances at the NFL Combine
NFL Combine
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3. Joe Alt

To many, no school is more consistent at producing excellent offensive linemen than the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Ronnie Stanley, Zach Martin, and Quenton Nelson are just a few examples. This year, and next in line, is Joe Alt, and he is hoping for a big NFL Combine performance to fully concrete himself as the first offensive tackle taken in the draft.

Alt, a 6-8, 322-pounder certainly does not lack in the size department. Alt checks all the boxes from a size and athleticism standpoint when looking for a cornerstone tackle. What's interesting about Alt is how he became so quick for such a big guy. Having had his father, John Alt, be a successful NFL offensive lineman himself and starting his high school football career as a tight end - it is clear that the younger Alt moves far better than he should at his size.

While not the "sexy" pick that fans always want, solidifying the offensive line is a recipe for success in today's NFL. With so much chatter about the skill position players, don't be shocked if a crazy Combine performance leaves the media talking about the big fellas after this weekend.