5 first-round targets for the NY Giants not named Caleb Williams or Drake Maye

Could the Giants prioritize different positions outside of QB next spring?

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2. OT Joe Alt, Notre Dame

When I said there was a reason Fashanu wasn't the guaranteed best tackle in the draft class, it was because of Joe Alt. The 6-8, 322-pound tackle from Notre Dame has been one of the best players in the class period, let alone at his position. Whether it be as a run-blocker or pass-protector, Alt has few flaws.

This season, Alt has allowed just five pressures and one sack through 350 pass-blocking snaps. Whether or not the Giants want to switch things up with Neal, picking Alt may be the right move. Something that I'd like to see New York try, is moving Neal to guard. His lack of speed and immense power would be a much better fit inside as opposed to tackle. Not to mention, if they do this it would open the path up to take Alt or Fashanu, who would likely be much better.

On the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to Neal, Alt is incredibly fast when getting out of his stance whether it be stepping back in pass protection, or rising to the second level as a run-blocker. This, combined with his perfect combination of height and weight makes for what will likely be an elite tackle out of the gate.