5 first-round targets for the NY Giants not named Caleb Williams or Drake Maye

Could the Giants prioritize different positions outside of QB next spring?

Minnesota v Ohio State
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1. WR Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State

The Giants have been without an elite wide receiver for a long time now. While this issue is often overblown by fans looking to coddle the Giants' quarterbacks, it's still an issue nonetheless. However, this can all be fixed by selecting Marvin Harrison Jr., who has superstar WR written all over him.

His numbers are incredible on their own, but watching Harrison on film showcases skills that former top picks at the position were nowhere close to matching. His footwork, athleticism, dynamism in the open field, and hands are all amongst the best in the nation and you can make a real case that he's the best player in the entire draft class.

Harrison has caught 62 passes for 1,093 yards and 13 touchdowns this season. While these numbers may not pop out like prospects of the past, his film more than makes up for it. Adding Harrison to this Giants' offense would do wonders and very well could play a big role in revitalizing Jones in the second season of his massive extension.