Former NFL GM pitches absurd Deshaun Watson-Daniel Jones trade for the Giants

This is never going to happen, period.
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

This is never going to happen and the fact that it has even been brought up is wild. This offseason, there's plenty of buzz that NY Giants general manager Joe Schoen could end up moving on from Daniel Jones by either drafting his replacement or inking a veteran to take his job.

However, former Jets general GM Mike Tannenbaum has something else in mind. While speaking on Get Up ESPN, Tannenbaum pitched a blockbuster trade that would send Danny Dimes to Cleveland, with the Browns sending Deshaun Watson and a second-round pick to the G-Men. Again, never going to happen:

A Deshaun Watson-Daniel Jones trade idea has come in from out of nowhere

Where do we even begin? Watson inked his massive contract extension with the Browns after he was traded by the Texans, but nothing has gone right for him in Cleveland. His play was disappointing this campaign and it ended with him suffering a serious shoulder injury.

Then, Joe Flacco came in and stole America's heart with his strong performances for the Browns. Previously, John Mara said that he wouldn't consider making a move for Watson because of the sexual assault allegations surrounding his name from not long ago. Would Mara re-think things now?

It's hard to say, but Watson also has cap hits of $63.9 million over the next two seasons. That alone is enough to tell you that Schoen won't go anywhere near him. Meanwhile for Jones, he's still recovering from his torn ACL in Week 9, but the hope is that he'll be ready to go for camp and lead the offense out onto the field by the time the season-opener gets here.

Schoen has said that Jones will be his Week 1 starter if healthy, but we could see New York move up in the NFL Draft to land Caleb Williams, Drake Maye or Jayden Williams too. Veteran QBs will be looked at in free agency as well. Just about everything at quarterback feels like it's on the table for the NY front office, but a move for Watson certainly is not. Come on.