3 former NY Giants players the team can still sign in free agency

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2. LB/S Landon Collins

While the Giants brought in Bobby Okereke to be the team's LB1 this season, there's still a gap at who will play alongside him. There are some intriguing options like Darrian Beavers and Micah McFadden, two second-year backers who showed some promise when on the field. However, if they don't pan out, the team doesn't really have many other good options.

In the worst-case scenario of another Beavers injury and a down season from McFadden, it might not be a bad idea to bring an old friend back. Landon Collins certainly isn't the All-Pro safety he once was, not even close. In fact, he isn't even a safety anymore as he made the switch over to linebacker recently to help extend his career.

Collins was a member of the Giants last season and was pretty solid considering that he wasn't in the league prior to being signed by New York. Through six games he racked up 14 combined tackles, one sack, and an interception. Collins was exceptional in coverage, a skillset the Giants desperately need at linebacker, and made a notable difference.

Not only would Collins provide some solid play alongside Okereke, but he could also bring some veteran leadership for some of the young 'backers on the team. Similar to Pierre-Paul, it would cost little to nothing to bring Collins in. The Giants likely won't sign him unless they need to, but it's still something to think about.