5 free agents who would love to play for Brian Daboll in 2024

The Giants could upgrade their roster tremendously in free agency

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2. LB Bryce Huff

A player on the Giants' radar for a while is Jets linebacker Bryce Huff, who will hit the open market this offseason and is in line for an eye-popping deal from whichever team he chooses as his next. Huff is a player who will fit on any defense and could make an immediate impact as a linebacker on any 3-4 scheme in the league.

This past season, Huff played just 480 defensive snaps yet still managed to have a career-high 10 sacks and 21 quarterback hits, which equates to a 79.7 overall grade from Pro Football Focus. The Jets edge-rusher also had 29 total tackles, including a season-high five in the team's 13-10 overtime victory over the Giants, but what stands out the most about Huff is his pass-rushing abilities. Huff had an unbelievable pass-rush percentage of 21.8 this year and 23.8 percent over the last two seasons.

Huff will be an excellent fit with the Giants next season opposite Thibodeaux, but it will all come down to how much Schoen and the front office will want to pay him. We can expect the Jets edge-rusher to earn a deserving contract and be a free agent that several teams pursue when he hits the open market, but it will come down to how much the Giants are willing to pay without exceeding their salary cap. Still, the bidding war for one of the league's best young pass-rushers should be exciting; let's hope his next destination is close to the previous team he played for.