4 Giants adjustments that have Big Blue on a 3-game winning streak

The Giants are one of the hottest teams in the NFC right now

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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The NY Giants find themselves somehow on the cusp of a playoff berth. Who in the world saw that coming? Thanks to a three-game winning streak, the G-Men are now 5-8 on the season and one game back of the No. 7 seed in the NFC.

The energy around the team is completely different than the beginning of 2023. Fans, players, and coaches have come together and have gotten back to the basics. A dismal start to the season, along with major injuries and media rumors, had everyone reeling, but these last few games have just felt different. Coaches made adjustments, players responded, and the vibes are strong. Here are four reasons why the Giants have been able to turn things around.

4. The Giants stuck with Tommy DeVito

After Daniel Jones went down, head man Brian Daboll turned to veteran backup Tyrod Taylor. Taylor had some decent games while he started including a near major upset over the Buffalo Bills. The issue with Tyrod has always been his durability, and this year was no different. After he was knocked out of a game, the one and only Tommy Devito stepped in and understandably struggled. He had tough games against the Cowboys, Jets, and Raiders.

Daboll and Schoen had a decision to make in the coming weeks, do they bring in a veteran QB via free agency or trade, or shuffle QBs game by game. They signed veteran QB Matt Barkley, who is familiar with Daboll's system while they were in Buffalo.

Daboll could've pulled Tommy and went with the veteran, but he didn't. He stuck with the Jersey kid and he has sparked some magic that had been absent all year. Smiles were back on the faces of players, and fans are loving what the youngster has been able to do. He's been a massive reason for the recent success.