3 reasons Brian Daboll is 100 percent right in sticking with Daniel Jones

Giants fans calling for Tyrod Taylor to replace Danny Dimes need a reality check

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Following the NY Giants' surprisingly close loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday Night Football, some fans were incredibly impressed with the play of backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor. So impressed in fact, they were even calling for Taylor to be New York's starter for the time being. Seriously?

Head coach Brian Daboll publicly stated that there won't be any QB controversy between Daniel Jones and Taylor. Jones is currently dealing with a neck injury and it's not known when he will return. Obviously, Taylor will continue to step up in his absence, but once Jones is healthy, we still believe he should be the starter. Here are three reasons why:

3. Daniel Jones has more chemistry and experience as the starter

This is the simplest explanation we can give as to why Jones should start once he is healthy. Jones has been the team's starter for a while now and he has chemistry with the squad's playmakers like Saquon Barkley and Darius Slayton. Jones knows where to find these guys and what their spots are.

With all due respect to Taylor, he's only been here since last campaign and has seen the field just four times. In addition to this, he's had some shaky moments when he's played aside from his first full start against the Bills. There's no telling how long he'll be able to keep up this level of play, especially when you consider that Taylor hasn't been a full-time starter since 2017.

Jones hasn't been his best this season, but considering how well the offensive line looked against the Bills, there's a real chance that he can up his level of play if the line continues to improve alongside him. Hopefully, we see guys like Evan Neal and Justin Pugh continue to improve - Andrew Thomas and John Michael-Schmitz are needed back ASAP too.

Jones has started 58 games for the Giants since he was drafted. While we respect Taylor and think he's a good QB, it almost feels disrespectful to take Jones' job away after just one decent showing from Taylor. Hopefully, Jones will prove us right whenever he returns.