It turns out Giants coach Brian Daboll made the Jalin Hyatt trade happen

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Each day, it's really feeling like the NY Giants won the lottery with head coach Brian Daboll. This guy's rockstar status in New York/New Jersey somehow continues to get bigger. What Daboll has been able to do for this team is unreal.

Take the 2023 NFL Draft as the latest example. The Giants took John Michael Schmitz in the second round, but they nearly ended up going with wideout Jalin Hyatt.

When Hyatt was still available in the third round, it was Daboll who ended up reaching out to Sean McVay to see if the Giants could trade up to the Rams' spot. Shortly after, the trade went through and Hyatt was a Giant. Unreal:

Brian Daboll was the quarterback for the Jalin Hyatt trade during NFL Draft weekend

That's our coach! In the end, Daboll texted McVay, which set up the Rams front office calling Schoen. The terms were agreed on the deal and then NY sent the pick in. Just like that, Daboll played general manager for a few minutes and he helped Schoen land his guy.

This all worked out perfectly for the Giants. They had a ton of draft picks this year, but traded away quite a bit to not only move up to take Deonte Banks at No. 24 overall, but also to bring in the tremendous speed of Hyatt.

Oh, and they also started Day 2 off with a bang in getting Schmitz, their starting center of the future, at No. 57 overall. Schoen was expected to be quite busy from start to finish during the draft and he most definitely was.

The Giants got better on both sides of the ball, which fans are still excited about. Schoen deserves a ton of praise for what he was able to get done, but we've also got to give plenty of kudos to Coach Dabes here.

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