4 declined fifth-year trade targets for the NY Giants including Isaiah Simmons

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2. Seattle Seahawks LB Jordyn Brooks

The Seahawks declining Jordyn Brooks fifth-year option was a bit surprising, especially coming off the season he had in 2022. In 16 games, Brooks had 161 total tackles for Seattle with a sack. Yet, Seattle declined the option that would have paid him $12.72 million for 2024.

For a tackling machine in Brooks who is coming off that kind of season with the Seahawks; plus a year in 2021 where he had 184 total tackles; and it’s a complete shock to see that Seattle decided to decline their former first-round pick’s option, especially when he’s only 25 years old and just entering the prime of his career.

Seattle is expected to contend again for a playoff spot like they did in 2022, so them being sellers might not make sense right away. But if Seattle struggles and looks to move a few players, then Brooks might be a very attractive option.

Or if Brooks has any grumbling with the Seahawks between now and the start of the regular season, that could be a time when Brooks could be moved for draft picks. And if that is the case, that could be where Joe Schoen could look to pounce.