Giants fans, media react to Evan Neal's tasteless comments and apology

The second-year right tackle took to social media to apologize for Big Blue nation

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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That didn't take long. On Wednesday night, NY Giants right tackle Evan Neal made countless headlines after he ripped Big Blue fans for calling out his terrible play. Neal, the 2022 No. 7 overall pick, has been a major disappointment this season.

His frustration with his own play reached a boiling point, as he told Darryl Slater of that he encourages NY fans to boo him louder, and that he's not worried about what people who make hot dogs and hamburgers for a living think about him. It was a classless message sent by No. 73 all around. Shortly after his comments went viral, Neal apologized, but plenty of people are still ticked off at him.

Evan Neal apologized for blasting NY Giants fans this week

On Thursday, Brian Daboll said he spoke with Neal about what he had to say. Obviously, this is a mistake that Neal can't be making. He's a young man who let his emotions get the best of him, but turning on the Big Blue supporters and disrespecting them in such a way can't happen again. People all over the country couldn't believe he attacked NY fans in the first place:

Daboll said the team is ready to move on from what happened here, but plenty of Giants fans aren't going to be so forgiving. What Neal has to understand is that people use their hard-earned money to fill the stands at MetLife Stadium. They also use part of their paychecks to purchase his jersey.

It doesn't matter if a person is in real estate, sells cars or flips hamburgers for their job. It was completely out of line and out of character for the former first-round pick to explode in such a manner. Neal is coming off a horrendous showing against the Seahawks. Because of his play, people are calling for him to be benched as the starting right tackle and for him to be moved to right guard.

Come this Sunday, Neal and the Giants are hoping to somehow find a way to stun the Dolphins in Miami. It goes without saying, but there will be a lot less people cheering on the lineman after what he said this week. The apology helps, but Neal definitely hurt thousands out there too.