Giants fans ripping Adoree' Jackson and Tyrod Taylor for costing Giants in loss to Rams

The veteran CB gifted the Rams a TD thanks to an awful play on Puka Nucua

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages

We're not going to put a single play as the main reason for the NY Giants losing to the Los Angeles Rams 26-25 on Sunday, but come on, Adoree' Jackson had to be kidding here. In the second half, Matthew Stafford hit Puka Nucua for a short gain and Jackson had him all wrapped up.

However, Jackson didn't bring him down, made one of the worst efforts possible in trying to tackle him and Nucua broke free for a massive gain. Moments later, Kyren Williams was able to run in for an easy score. Watching this play again, it's only going to make you more upset with what Jackson did here:

Giants fans are not happy with Adoree' Jackson and their anger is warranted

It was one thing to give up the first down, but letting Nucua break free like that for an 80-yard gain was inexcusable. Jackson had some fine moments in the game, including a forced fumble and some strong coverage, but this moment had people pulling their hair out and blasting him on social media:

There's going to be a lot of roster turnover for the Giants in the coming months and plenty of people have just about had it with Jackson. We don't want to bash him too much, but goodness man, what was that tackle attempt? On offense, Tyrod Taylor really cost the Giants in this one too.

Taylor had some epic throws, including his long bomb to Darius Slayton for an 80-yard score. However, Taylor also missed some easy ones, including one to Saquon Barkley on a two-point conversion to try and give NY the lead late. Instead, Taylor absolutely blew it:

This was one of the easiest throws Taylor could have made, but he somehow didn't hit Backley and the score remained 26-25 in favor of the Rams. This is going to keep a lot of people up at night. Yes, the Giants had nothing to play for, but losing a game like this has to sting. The Giants were oh so close to pulling off an upset win, but just like the 2023 campaign has gone, the G-Men got in their own way in yet another disappointing loss.