4 free agents the NY Giants can still target after filling draft needs

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It was a memorable 2023 NFL Draft for the NY Giants and general manager Joe Schoen. Now, the G-Men can figure out what other needs they need to fill moving forward. Even with the seven draft picks taken by the Giants in the three-day draft period - plus the multiple players the front office signed as undrafted free agents - the Giants still can look to add potential veterans who could possibly help for the 2023 season.

Following the draft, Giants general manager Joe Schoen mentioned how he's still not satisfied and wants to continue to improve the roster.

"“We are always going to be looking to continue to improve. We’ll never be satisfied. We’ll continue,” Schoen said after the draft. “Again, right now is another opportunity to add players and depth in competition with the college free agency process. Then we’ll have a rookie mini-camp next weekend, so we’ll have some players that will be here for that. Ideally, we have a bunch of 53 Pro Bowlers, but that’s impossible. We’ll continue to find where we need to add depth or maybe light on a starter or whatever it may be, but we’ll continue to add depth and competition at all times.” "

Giants GM Joe Schoen via Giants Wire

With that said, which players could help the Giants in '23? Let's take a look at some veteran options who are still on the market:

4. OLB Leonard Floyd

There's history with the Giants and Leonard Floyd. When Floyd was on the board in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Giants were interested in him, but the Chicago Bears traded up to move ahead of the Giants to snag him.

When Floyd was a free agent in 2020, the Giants were interested in him, but the Los Angeles Rams made a stronger offer and landed him. Of course, both of those times were under two different Giants regimes and under different general managers, so it's not clear if Schoen will make a third attempt.

But if he did, you can't blame him, as Floyd can still get after the quarterback; netting 18.5 sacks in the last two seasons. Floyd is getting up in age, as he will turn 31 in September. But he still has value to produce on the field. If Schoen were to reach out and put an offer on the table, plenty of NY fans would be all for it.