Jalin Hyatt will make a Cowboys coach eat his words for calling him out

Tennessee v Georgia
Tennessee v Georgia / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

This is going to make the rivalry games with the Dallas Cowboys that much more interesting moving forward for the NY Giants. Not long ago, the G-Men traded up in the third round to land Tennessee wide receiver Jalin Hyatt.

Hyatt's speed is out of this world and he's certainly going to open up some options for quarterback Daniel Jones. However, his amazing wheels aren't the only thing that Hyatt can bring to the table. Maybe this is something Cowboys wide receivers coach Robert Prince should have realized a while back.

Leading up to the draft, Prince was on hand to see Hyatt do his thing catching the pigskin. Hyatt, as expected, put on a show after Prince seemed to doubt his route-running ability. Come on, dude.

Jalin Hyatt will be motivated to ball out against the Cowboys in 2023

From that video, you can tell Hyatt wasn't a fan of Prince doubting him like that. Moving forward, he'll indeed hope to make him eat his words whenever the G-Men and Cowboys dance. Imagine Hyatt scoring the game-winning touchdown at AT&T Stadium next season.

That would truly be amazing to see. The 6-0, 175-pounder may be known for his quickness, but his routes and hands can't be forgotten either. Whenever he takes the field, Hyatt has the ability to be a major matchup problem for opposing defenses. He's an all-around great player, there's no doubt about that.

While this one moment alone shouldn't make him hate Dallas, it's a nice little intro for Hyatt into the rivalry. These two NFC East sides hate one another, which is something he'll learn rather quickly. Once the NFL schedule is released later this month, don't be surprised to see Hyatt zero in on the Dallas matchups. He'll be poised to record big games going up against the boys from Arlington.

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