NY Giants legend hopes Joe Schoen brings in new QB to rebuild with over Daniel Jones

This former Giant believes the team needs to hit the reset button at quarterback.

Detroit Lions v New York Giants
Detroit Lions v New York Giants / Al Bello/GettyImages

When a team's seasons go awry by the halfway point of the year, attention is quickly pivoted towards the draft. This is the reality for the NY Giants once again, as their season is pretty much all but lost. They're currently 2-7 without a functioning offense - they lost seven games all of last season.

There were many factors into the Giants season going wrong from the start. Fans are basically split on whether the team should completely tear it down and draft a quarterback or continue to build around Daniel Jones, who signed a four-year, $160 million contract in the offseason. Jones' first year of the contract couldn't have gone worse. From a neck injury and a torn ACL, bad offensive line play and him not being able to make plays in general, there's speculation that Jones could be fighting for his job come next training camp.

Giants Super Bowl champion Victor Cruz had some rather interesting things to say regarding the Giants' unique situation, including making a major switch on the offensive side of the ball. That's right, Cruz thinks the G-Men should be moving forward with someone else under center:

Victor Cruz wants the NY Giants to draft a Daniel Jones replacement next spring

The Giants could potentially look into drafting a new signal-caller next April, especially if they end up with a Top 3 pick. If that's the case, Big Blue would have the chance to select USC's Caleb Williams or UNC's Drake Maye.

They currently have a 25.1 percent chance to land the first overall pick, which would be the first time the Giants would have that opportunity in franchise history. The highest draft pick they've ever had was the second pick in 2018, which was used on running back Saquon Barkley.

If things continue the way they are now, the Giants are basically guaranteed a Top 10 pick in April. Where exactly in the Top 10 will be interesting. Grabbing a rookie quarterback, especially one in Williams or Maye, would give the Giants an elite prospect at the most important position.

It''s something the previous regime certainly failed at when they chose Jones sixth overall. They definitely didn't set him up for success, with multiple coaching changes and other factors thrown into it.

Jones also couldn't elevate his level of play this year in the time he was healthy. This is exactly why this conversation is being had right now. There's still half of a season left to play, but this will certainly be a decision talked about from now until draft night. Should the Giants use their next first-rounder on a stud QB? Cruz thinks so.