5 Giants who need to see more playing time moving forward

With the final stretch of the regular season almost here, these guys need to be featured more

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4. OT Tyre Phillips

During the absence of Evan Neal, former third-round pick Tyre Phillips has been forced to start and in this time, he's looked pretty damn solid. At the very least, he's been a good bit better than Neal, which isn't really saying much. Regardless, if he keeps this level of play up in the next couple of weeks, Phillips should undoubtedly remain the starter regardless of if Neal is back or not.

Phillips hasn't been perfect and has definitely had his rough moments as a starter. However, his floor in terms of performance is so much higher than that of Neal's and the Giants offense simply looks better with him on the field.

In five games this season, Phillips has allowed 12 pressures and two sacks and has had three games where he's allowed one pressure or less. When you compare this to Neal, who has just one game in which he's done this through seven matchups, it paints a bigger picture of who the better player is.

Could Neal be better in the long run? Yes, without a doubt. However, it seems less and less likely each passing week that Neal will reach the potential that made him worthy of a No. 7 overall selection. He's shown almost no progression in two seasons and has consistently been outplayed by Phillips when given the opportunity.