5 Giants who need to see more playing time moving forward

With the final stretch of the regular season almost here, these guys need to be featured more

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
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3. DT Jordon Riley

A player who I'm honestly surprised hasn't seen the field much this season is seventh-round pick Jordon Riley. While the Giants have plenty of IDL depth, Riley received a ton of praise from both fans and the team's coaching staff after his preseason play. With Leonard Williams gone, you'd think Riley would see the field more.

Despite this, Riley hasn't played since Week 6 and I'm kind of disappointed by it. However, with Dexter Lawrence listed as doubtful going into this week's matchup against the Patriots, the Giants are going to be down to four interior defensive linemen, so it only makes sense that Riley finally sees the field again.

Like I said, Riley was pretty damn good in the preseason for the Giants. While his box score numbers aren't super crazy, watching him play showed that he was willing to eat up double teams and fill gaps to both make life more difficult for opposing offenses, and easier for the Giants' linebackers. With Lawrence probably out, let's hope Riley gets more reps.