Giants News: Dexter Lawrence MNF update, Wild Card Race, Kadarius Toney

This is not what Jordan Love and Co. wanted to see

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
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Kadarius Toney continues to get ripped for costing the Chiefs a memorable win

One of the major takeaways from the weekend, and the entire season for that matter, was the huge mistake made by Kadarius Toney against the Buffalo Bills. With the game on the line, Patrick Mahomes threw a ball downfield to Travis Kelce, who then tossed the ball back to Toney - he went on to score a memorable touchdown.

However, at the start of the play, Toney was lined up offsides (and it wasn't close) and the play was called back. Chiefs fans were furiuous, Patrick Mahomes lost his mind and people simply couldn't believe what they just saw. However, you can't deny this was the right call made by the officials. Toney was 100 percent in the wrong here:

Yes, this is a call that isn't made often, but Toney was clearly offsides. He didn't even check with the side judge to see if he was clear. Mahomes can complain and cry all he wants, but Kansas City is now 8-5 on the year. Toney has cost the Chiefs dearly in two of their five losses. A lot of Giants fans are celebrating this, especially after how poorly Toney has treated NY over the past year.