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Carl Banks explains why he left WFAN spot over Kayvon Thibodeaux debate

Elsewhere, remember when Giants legend Carl Banks got into it with WFAN hosts Brandon Tierney and Sal Licata over star pass-rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux? In case you missed it, Tierney and Licata hung up on Banks mid-debate and it was a bad look for them. Shortly after, Banks decided enough was enough and he quit his spot on the show. While speaking on The Michael Kay Show, Banks spoke about his decision.

"I will tell you Michael, the thing that got me was I’m being treated like Carl from Secaucus. I’m not a regular caller, right, and I try to bring things that will try to either make people smarter or more informed about a subject."

Carl Banks

Banks has a point here. He was disrespected in a major way and he didn't have to put up with those two treating him like this. Banks is a Super Bowl winner and a member of the Giants Ring of Honor. So, why did Tierney and Licata treat him like he was some random dude from Jersey? Giants fans were furious then and they still are. Good for Banks to stand up for himself here.