Giants News: Joe Schoen works out no-name QB, Carson Wentz update, Caleb Williams

Joe Schoen is looking far and wide for QB help following the Daniel Jones injury
Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Rams
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Carson Wentz signs with the Los Angeles Rams

One quarterback who won't be making his way to East Rutherford this season is Carson Wentz - yes, the former first-round draft bust who used to play for the Eagles and Commanders in the NFC East. Wentz had been mentioned as a possibility for the Giants moving forward, but Sean McVay pulled a fast one on Schoen Tuesday.

That's right, Wentz has signed with the Los Angeles Rams. While Wentz, similar to Eason, wouldn't have brought in a ton of excitement for the fan base, he at least has some starting experience under his belt and he could have been called on to make some tough throws for Brian Daboll until Taylor is healthy enough to return.

The biggest takeaway from the loss to the Jets two Sundays ago was that the staff didn't trust DeVito to throw the ball. They essentially lost the game because the New Jersey native was either handing the ball off or throwing screens to Saquon Barkley. He threw the ball around a bit more vs. the Raiders, but he was picked twice. Wentz would have been a controversial signing, but it's not going to happen after all.