Giants News: Saquon Barkley ankle issue, Tommy DeVito starting, Darius Slayton upset

The Giants are 2-8 entering this Sunday's meeting with Washington

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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Darius Slayton doesn't hold back on his frustration with how the Giants are playing

During the action on Sunday, you could see how angry veteran wide receiver Darius Slayton was with how the way the game was going. Slayton was seen quite upset while speaking to WR Sterling Shepard. After the loss, Slayton opened up on why he's so emotional right now. He's simply sick and tired of losing.

"It's Week 10, and we have not done a lot of winning or been very productive on offense, which is very frustrating as somebody who considers themselves one of the better players on offense, someone who can help this team win. You prepare your butt off, you practice your butt off and you study and you want the results, you want the wins on game day, you want to go out there and be part of one of the best offensive units in the league. So, that's all it is man, I have a deep desire to win. I'm a very calm, collected person. I don't speak very much, but on the inside I always feel that way."

Darius Slayton

Slayton was a free agent this offseason, but he returned to East Rutherford on a two-year contract. He finished Week 10 with only three receptions for 21 yards. This isn't about Slayton wanting the ball more, but it's about him wanting to help the team be competitive each week. The Giants have suffered way too many blowout losses this year and fans are sick and tired of the poor play being displayed. So is Slayton.