3 positive takeaways from NY Giants OTAs and 2 areas of concern

New York Giants Offseason Workout
New York Giants Offseason Workout / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Concern: Saquon Barkley's future is up in the air

When will running back Saquon Barkley arrive in East Rutherford? We wish we had an answer for you, but we don't - no one does. While all the NY playmakers are at the training facility getting ready for the 2023 season, Barkley remains out of town working out on his own. Remember, these are voluntary OTAs and not mandatory.

However, with the mandatory minicamp scheduled to start later this month, Barkley is not expected to make his way back then either. Barkley is still eyeing a long-term deal from general manager Joe Schoen, but there's been nothing but bad news coming out of those talks. The latest reports suggest that the G-Men dropped their offer amount to Saquon following the NFL Draft.

With the way the RB market has been set, there's no question that Barkley has cost himself millions in trying to land such a high number. As things stand, Barkley would make $10.1 million if he ends up playing on the non-exclusive franchise tag. Barkley, Schoen and NY supporters want to see an extension get done. However, things aren't feeling likely at all at this point.