Giants post-Combine Mock Draft: NY trades up with Patriots for new franchise QB

Joe Schoen strikes a deal with the Patriots to land their next QB
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NY Giants fourth-round pick: Miami DL Leonard Taylor

We’ve talked about how the interior of the Giants defensive line got worse after they traded Leonard Williams at the trade deadline and how his presence, or lack thereof, was truly felt for the rest of the season. The Giants will address that need with the selection of Leonard Taylor.

Taylor had six sacks in three seasons for the Hurricanes. He did have 10.5 tackles for a loss in 2022 and 22.5 tackles for a loss combined at Miami. At 6-3 and 305 pounds, Taylor is extremely strong, very physical and has good quickness for someone of his size.

Playing Taylor next to Dexter Lawrence with the amount of attention he gets as it is in the middle will certainly help a young rookie like Taylor, as he could be able to draw some one-on-one’s against lineman and have chances to get to the quarterback. Landing him in the third round would be big for Schoen.