Giants post-Combine Mock Draft: NY trades up with Patriots for new franchise QB

Joe Schoen strikes a deal with the Patriots to land their next QB
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NY Giants fifth-round pick: Michigan OG Zak Zinter

If not for the horrific leg injury suffered during the 2023 season, Zak Zinter probably goes a lot earlier in the draft, but because of it, he drops down to the fifth round and right into the laps of the Giants and Schoen.

Even with the Giants focusing on trying to add a guard in free agency, the Giants would be wise and fortunate to land Zinter in the fifth round and get him as part of the Giants attempt to revamp their offensive line that surrendered 85 sacks in 2023. The group was downright awful last season.

It has been reported that the Giants will release veteran offensive lineman Mark Glowinski after two seasons. Glowinski was one of the several players who played at both guard positions. Glowinski was the starter heading into 2023, but was benched early on and wasn’t much of a factor as the campaign progressed.

Zinter could be a nice replacement for one of the two guard spots that are up for grabs. Even if the Giants do get a stud guard in free agency, Zinter should be someone the Giants target, especially if he is still sitting there in the fifth round.