Giants rumored Drew Lock plan further shows Daniel Jones isn't a long-term option

Could 2024 be the beginning of the end of Daniel Jones in NY?

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While many New York Giants fans were focused on the acquisitions of players like Brian Burns and Devin Singletary as free agency opened, not many seemed to think much of bringing Drew Lock in to back up Daniel Jones. This move seemed like nothing more than adding some depth to a Giants quarterback room that has battled injuries for the last few seasons.

However, despite what seemed like a relatively underwhelming move at first, it could quickly turn into countless news headlines, as it seems like Lock might not be penciled in as the backup just yet. Here’s what Seahawks general manager John Schnider had to say regarding his efforts to retain Lock and what made NY an attractive destination for the quarterback:

Could Drew Lock win the Giants starting job in 2024?

While the idea of Lock shaking things up at QB to start 2024 is interesting, it seems likely that this move is to add more of a security blanket under Danny Dimes. Unfortunately, Jones still carries a massive $47.1 million cap hit in 2024. With that said, it’s hard to believe that the Giants’ will let a player making that much dough not get the chance to prove himself on the field.

If nothing else, Lock can provide Jones with true competition through the offseason and minicamp. Having a backup capable of taking over the starting job will be a constant reminder for Jones that this season is a make-or-break one for him. Sometimes, that motivation is all it takes to see a new version of a player in the NFL.

Prior to 2023, Tampa Bay had a competitive quarterback battle between Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask. As NFL fans saw, Mayfield not only won the starting job, but also capitalized on the opportunity by having a career year. The hope is that Jones can react similarly to the adversity regarding his job security.

For the Giants, the best case scenario is that Lock is an asset that can help Jones reach his full potential. While clearly capable, the fact that the Giants are so financially invested in Jones gives him a leg up on Lock.

Having said that, Lock coming in, plus the Russell Wilson meeting, isn't great for Jones. Add in the fact that reports continue to come in that the Giants are looking to trade up in the NFL Draft to bring in a new star quarterback and it just doesn't feel like Jones is in the long-term plans for Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll. It's wild for that to potentially be the case after he signed his $160 million extension last March.