Giants Rumors: Jihad Ward recruiting Davante Adams to NY has fans buzzing

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In recent days, trade speculation has arrived once again for the NY Giants for both DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs. The idea of landing either of these guys has people in New York and New Jersey talking quite a bit. Imagine either of those two making plays for Daniel Jones - we'd love to see it.

However, go ahead and add another superstar wideout to your list of dream acquisitions for the G-Men. Davante Adams has entered the chat? Adams surely can't be too happy with how things are going with the Raiders.

Because of that, Giants linebacker Jihad Ward wants to see Darren Waller put in the work in trying to get his former teammate to East Rutherford. Ward recruiting Adams is yet another reason why the 'backer is a fan favorite.

Jihad Ward is openly recruiting Davante Adams to the Giants on Twitter

Let Ward cook. Adams is one of the best wideouts in the game and he's inarguably the best route runner in the NFL. When he was traded from the Packers to the Raiders, he had dreams of winning a Super Bowl with the Las Vegas side.

However, things were a nightmare for the Raiders in '22, and Derek Carr has since left the organization to join the New Orleans Saints. Jimmy Garoppolo is now the new starting QB for Adams and Co. So, Adams went from Aaron Rodgers to Carr to Jimmy G? That's a rough downgrade.

Adams also wants to play for a contender. That's not the case for him with the Raiders, but it most certainly would be with the Giants. This offense has added so many different weapons for Jones, but Joe Schoen somehow bringing in Adams too would be out of this world.

This would be a tremendous fit for both sides, but there'd of course be some major cap gymnastics to get done for Adams to arrive. If Ward does end up playing a role in Adams landing with the G-Men, he'd instantly become an NY legend. Hey Joe Schoen, do whatever it takes man - we want the All-Pro WR in town.

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