Giants Rumors: Joe Schoen clears up Xavier McKinney contract drama at Combine

Will Schoen and McKinney be able to get an extension done?
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If you've taken a look at Xavier McKinney's social media activity in recent weeks, yeah, it'd be safe to assume he's not happy about something. With his cryptic posts, a lot of NY Giants fans assumed it was because contract talks with Joe Schoen had gone south quite quickly.

Hold the phone on that. Schoen is in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine and he just met with reporters to discuss McKinney, Saquon Barkley, Daniel Jones and more. With McKinney, Schoen said despite rumors flying all over the place, contract talks haven't started, but they're surely on the way:

Joe Schoen is set to meet with Xavier McKinney's agent at the NFL Combine

"His agent David Mulugheta will get here on Friday, we have a meeting planned with him. We've had really good talks with Xavier over the last few weeks, but (contract) talks have not begun with that. I know there was something out there that maybe there had been conversations with a contract extension, but we haven't had any talks other than we're going to get to the Combine, think about where you guys see the value, we're going to have our comps and then we can start from there."

Joe Schoen on Xavier McKinney

The big news there from Schoen is that he'll indeed be meeting with McKinney's agent David Mulugheta in Indianapolis. The same will happen with Barkley's agent Ed Berry. Schoen added that he'd like to have both players back, but the contract negotiations are obviously going to play the main role in that happening or not.

McKinney is coming off a stellar season for the Giants, finishing with a career-high 116 total tackles, while adding three interceptions. He was as consistent as can be, becoming one of the top safeties out there. Now, he's ready for Schoen to pay him as such.

Soon enough, more updates will continue to pour in on McKinney, but he's too valuable for this defense and new defensive coordinator Shane Bowen for the Giants to lose him. Unless Schoen puts the right amount of dough in front of him, though, then more cryptic tweets could be on the way and an exit might be in the cards too.