Giants Rumors: NFC foe ready to leap NY for Michigan's J.J. McCarthy

McCarthy figures to be a Top 5 pick in the first round
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Obviously, the NY Giants aren't the only team in the market for a new signal-caller. At the top of the draft board, the first four picks could be quarterbacks. However, could we see a surprise team move up high to bring in a new franchise QB? We've got our eyes on the Minnesota Vikings.

With the Vikings holding two first-round picks, they've certainly got the ammo to trade up. According to SNY's Connor Hughes, his sources are telling him that the Vikings are the favorites to move up in the draft order to go after J.J. McCarthy. While a lot of Giants fans want to see the Michigan QB head to East Rutherford, Minnesota might be ready to prevent that from going down on Thursday.

Could the Vikings land J.J. McCarthy instead of the NY Giants in the first round?

"They’ll have to trade up from No. 11 to jump the Giants, picking sixth, in order to make that happen. Sources believe they are willing to do just that, gifting a quarterback to receiver Justin Jefferson and head coach Kevin O'Connell. The Giants are also in the mix, but aren’t believed to have the excess in resources needed to move up to No. 4 (Arizona Cardinals) or 5 (Los Angeles Chargers), to prevent the Vikings in doing the same."

Connor Hughes

With Kirk Cousins out of town and now suiting up for the Falcons, it makes sense that the Vikings are in the market for a young, exciting quarterback. They have one of the best wideouts in the game in Justin Jefferson, so someone like McCarthy sure makes a ton of sense.

With that said, would the Giants try and pull a fast one on Minnesota to try and prevent McCarthy from going to the NFC North? Probably not. Schoen has admitted this team is more than just a player or two away from getting to a top level and he's not going to want to lose out on a ton of draft capital if he doesn't think it'd be worth the risk.

Hey, if the Giants end up with Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Nabers or Rome Odunze at No. 6 overall, something tells us Big Blue supporters will be able to sleep pretty well come draft night. Seeing McCarthy suit up elsewhere might sting for some, but our gut tells us that Schoen will be fine with things if the Vikings move up to grab him.