5 Giants who are running out of time to impress Brian Daboll

These guys have been major disappointments this campaign

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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3. Darnay Holmes

Darnay Holmes was a standout cornerback from UCLA coming into the draft, and when the Giants drafted him, many fans, myself included, were excited. Darnay was more of a nickel corner, but also proved to be electric on special teams too.

Darnay had a promising rookie season, but since then he hasn't been good. The Giants have added multiple corners to the secondary and Holmes' has seen the field less and less as a result. Deonte Banks looks like the future on one side.

The Giants will continue to look to develop late-round pick Tre Hawkins, who showed real promise during the preseason, along with emerging players like Cor'Dale Flott and Nick McCloud. Holmes could find himself playing his last two games of his Giants career.