4 Graham Gano replacements the Giants could sign if his injury lingers

Options for the Giants at kicker if Graham Gano goes out

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In a season full of injuries, the last one the NY Giants needed or were expecting was the one to kicker Graham Gano. Just before the 2023 season, Gano signed a three-year, $16.5 million extension to remain with the Giants for the long haul. Joe Schoen rewarded Gano given how tremendous he had been as the team’s kicker since the 2020 season.

Before 2023, Gano (11-for-17 on field goals this season) was as automatic as it got, as he had a 91.8 conversion rate on field goals over those three seasons - why the Giants signed him to that extension in early September. But Gano hasn’t had that kind of season, and he's dealing with a knee injury. With the report of the Giants bringing in veteran kickers for workouts, here's a look at four guys they should take a look at if Gano can't stay healthy moving forward:

4. Brett Maher

Brett Maher would be a potential choice for the Giants since he was already a kicker earlier this season for the Los Angeles Rams before he was released in late October. Maher was released following a game where he missed two of the five field goals attempted in a win against the Seattle Seahawks. It wasn’t clear if Maher was dealing with any kind of injury, or if it was another episode where Maher couldn’t get out of his own way.

Back in January while with the Dallas Cowboys, Maher missed a record four extra-point attempts. The Cowboys still went on to win that playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it’s a game that many will remember Maher for since it was on such a grand stage.

With the Rams, Maher was 17-for-23 on field goal attempts. For his own sake, Maher has only missed one extra-point attempt in 2023. So, if the Giants want a kicker who's already gone through part of the season and is already in the football swing of things, Maher could be an option. His veteran experience could be helpful for this young side.