4 Graham Gano replacements the Giants could sign if his injury lingers

Options for the Giants at kicker if Graham Gano goes out

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
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1. Robbie Gould

Another name from the Giants past, as Robbie Gould was also a former kicker for the team back in 2016 as well. After Brown had been suspended by the NFL for the domestic violence issue with his wife, the Giants were in a bind because they were playing a game in London against the Los Angeles Rams. Fortunately, Gould had a passport and was able to join the Giants out in London. When Brown was suspended for the remainder of the season, Gould remained the kicker for all of 2016 and did well, going 10-for-10 in field goal tries.

After that, Gould spent the next six seasons as the San Francisco 49ers kicker and had a ton of success there, making 87.5 percent of his kicks. In his last season with San Francisco, Gould was kicking at an 84.4 conversion rate as a 40 year old. Gould isn’t with the team any longer only because they decided to draft Jake Moody in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Gould has also remained a free agent like the other kickers on this list. Despite not getting to return to San Francisco, a possible reunion with the Giants would make a lot of sense if Gano needs to have knee surgery. He might be the oldest kicker on this list, but Gould’s skills as a kicker never diminished and he was considered one of the league’s most-clutch kickers, especially for the many field goals he made for the 49ers in the postseason.