Hard Knocks shows Giants HC Brian Daboll predicting absurd 40 time for himself

No way Coach Dabes can do this!
New York Giants OTA Offseason Workouts
New York Giants OTA Offseason Workouts / Luke Hales/GettyImages

NY Giants head coach Brian Daboll is a man of confidence, but come on man, do you really think you've got these kinds of wheels? Hard Knocks debuted recently for the Giants' offseason edition and some of the clips have been total gold.

You can add a video of the Giants' brass at the NFL Combine to the list. With Daboll, Joe Schoen and others watching the 40-yard dash, the Big Blue HC claimed that he could run under seven seconds for his time. Schoen and others laughed at his prediction. There's no way Daboll tops seven seconds, right?

Brian Daboll's 40-yard dash claim is going viral for the NY Giants

Daboll quipped that if you put a plate of wings on the other end of the field, he'd post an impressive time. Him adding that there's no doubt in his mind that he could get under seven was pretty dang funny too - respectfully, we disagree.

Having said that, Daboll has recorded an unreal body transformation this offseason. One of the biggest takeaways from Giants minicamp was that Daboll looked like about half the man he used to be, with some serious weight loss being displayed.

At the Combine, no chance he beats seven seconds. However, now that he's been on his grind in the weight room, perhaps we could see him come close. There's only one thing to do here: get him out on the field for a timed sprint.

Let's see if Daboll can back up his talk. If he can, then everyone, including Schoen, will owe him an apology and maybe an adult beverage. If he finishes over seven seconds, then an extra day off for the Giants players should be rewarded. This seems like a fair bet to us. It's unlikely this will ever happen, but Daboll can make everyone forget about his absurd 40-time prediction if the G-Men can get back to the playoffs this campaign.