Injury concerns could force the Giants to stay away from a top QB option

Multiple NFL teams are worried about the lefty's tough injury history

NFL Combine
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We don't know at which spot, or maybe even which round, but there's no question that NY Giants general manager Joe Schoen is going to bring in a new quarterback via the NFL Draft. Rumors are flying he could move up into the Top 3, while others think J.J. McCarthy will be the call at No. 6.

However, there's also a possibility Schoen goes after someone like Michael Penix Jr. late in the first round or even on Day 2 of the draft. Penix is a gunslinger and he can throw the ball with a ton of velocity. However, according to Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer, teams are quite concerned about his rough injury history and some organizations may not be that high on him leading up to late April.

Michael Penix's injury concerns could see him slide in the NFL Draft

"Meanwhile, with Penix, the medicals will obviously be a big part of the equation. One team exec I talked to about the Washington quarterback said his doctor’s grade on Penix “wasn’t awful,” but there was still plenty to work through. And while Penix helped himself, for sure, last year, I still don’t think teams are as high on him as the public thinks."

Albert Breer

We have to admit, we're huge fans of Penix and his cannon for a left arm. However, if Schoen is worried about all of the injuries Daniel Jones has had to overcome, including his torn ACL in 2023, what makes people think he'll use a high draft pick on Penix?

While Penix was able to stay pretty darn healthy with Washington, he suffered two separate ACL tears while with Indiana, plus two season-ending shoulder injuries. All of that adds up to a ton of red flags on the star signal-caller.

This past season for UW, Penix was one of the best quarterbacks in the country and a Heisman Trophy finalist. He not only led UW to a Pac-12 title, but he also had the Huskies in the National Championship Game - they'd go on to lose to Michigan in that contest.

No one can question how good Penix is throwing the pigskin all over the field, but scouts and GMs are going to wonder how his body will be able to handle the jump to the pros. Penix has been mentioned as a potential target for Schoen and the Giants, but we also wouldn't be surprised if Big Blue decides to pass on taking a risk here.