5 instant takeaways from the NY Giants thrilling 14-7 win over Washington

The Giants were able to escape with a close win over Washington

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
Washington Commanders v New York Giants / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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2. Leonard Williams had his best game of the season without a doubt

Big Play Lenny! That must be the nickname for Leonard Williams on Sunday, as the veteran defensive lineman had without question his best game of the season. We simply have to bring up Williams' game-changing play in the fourth quarter, as the Commanders were down 14-7 and looking to cut their deficit to 14-10 on a field goal. Williams got his hand up, though, and blocked that sucker:

WOW. Williams got his left paw up and made the unreal play. Coach Dabes was fired up right there and so was the rest of the Big Blue sideline. Williams came up with a key moment just when this team needed him too. Not only that, but Williams was also a monster in the trenches going after Howell as well.

Much has been said about Williams and his contract, but this felt like a needed game for the big fella. Lawrence is the best player up front on defense for Martindale, but people have been waiting for Williams to remind everyone of how much of an impact he can make for the G-Men. He did just that against Washington.