It's time for the NY Giants to move on from these 2 veterans

It may be time to bring in new blood for these skill-position players
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

When looking at the upcoming 2024 season, all New York Giants fans can agree that significant changes must be made to ensure different results than in 2023. With such poor play, mainly on the offensive end, the Giants need to prove that they are more than a mediocre unit.

That said, change doesn't simply magically happen. To change the result, the process must change first. That's exactly how the Giants should approach this offseason. Whether it's new players, plays, schemes or practice routines - things must change to get the offense moving.

A big component of strengthening the offensive side of the ball will be giving Daniel Jones adequate pieces around him to help him succeed. Darius Slayton and Darren Waller - two of Jones' most critical pieces heading into 2024, seem to be doing everything they can to screw things up:

Joe Schoen should part ways with Darius Slayton and Darren Waller

Both Slayton and Waller have yet to report to the voluntary program in East Rutherford. When trying to build a culture for a young team looking to take a step heading into next season, you'd think the least the veteran guys could do is show up to work. I mean, come on, Waller is set to make $12 million this season, but retirement appears to be what he's leaning towards.

Creating a long-lasting dynasty starts with culture. Teams like the Patriots and Steelers have hard-working, gritty, disciplined cultures that show in the product on the field. While it's understandable that Slayton wants to be paid, and Waller still needs to figure out if he wants to hang it up, it's sure putting Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll in a tough spot.

With the 2024 season right around the corner, the Giants covet something they've lacked ever since Jones became the starter: consistency. Keeping players healthy and having camaraderie and chemistry is key to creating a well-oiled offensive machine, especially because Saquon Barkley's absence will only add pressure to other playmakers like Slayton and Waller.

Right now, everyone is waiting to see what these two will end up doing. However, Schoen could look to make the decisions for them and invest money on different players. If this happens, Waller and Slayton will have no one to blame but themselves.