Joe Schoen cutting this lineman soon feels like a no-brainer for the Giants

Has the veteran offensive guard played his final game with the G-Men?
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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In the coming months, NY Giants general manager Joe Schoen is going to have to give some rough news to guys on his roster. After the 6-11 finish in 2023, Schoen has to be ruthless and make some upgrades to give the Giants a chance to make the playoffs next winter.

Because of this, has offensive guard Mark Glowinski played his final game with the G-Men? If the Giants part ways with Glowinski, who was quite inconsistent this season, it would open up about $5.6 million in cap space. That's money Schoen is going to need once free agency gets here.

Will the Giants release Mark Glowinski this offseason?

In a recent article, Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox labeled Glowinski as the most likely cut candidate for the Giants and it's hard to argue with him.

"Glowinski was effectively benched early in the season, though he did return to the starting lineup before returning to a reserve role. He appeared in 13 games in 2023 but only made six starts. Releasing Glowinski should be an easy decision, as he'll turn 32 in May and simply hasn't been a dependable starter for the Giants."

Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report

The offensive line for the Giants was a joke this year, with Daniel Jones, Tyrod Taylor and Tommy DeVito barely having enough time to breathe in the pocket, let alone scan the field. Glowinski improved late in the campaign, but he was sent to the bench early on for his rough play.

Due to injuries, it forced Brian Daboll to call his number once again for significant playing time, but it was made quite clear that he couldn't be counted on for the duration of a season. The Giants will need to be aggressive in going after new hosses this offseason - whether it be in the draft or free agency remains to be seen.

We never want to bash on one player in particular for the NFC East side, but we just don't see Glowinski coming back to this team next season. Schoen and Co. need to find a suitable replacement for him.