Joe Schoen finally gets some love for his brilliant NY Giants offseason moves

Will the G-Men be able to turn things around this year?
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It's easy to say NY Giants general manager Joe Schoen knew he had to work overtime this offseason to make some big-time changes. That's always going to be the case when your team goes 6-11 and misses out on the postseason.

Schoen and his front office brought in some stud playmakers, of course including Malik Nabers, Brian Burns, Tyler Nubin, Devin Singletary and others. While some analysts aren't high on the G-Men ahead of the 2024 campaign, the same can't be said for Sports Illustrated's Conor Orr. In a new piece with other SI experts, Orr named the Giants as his most improved team this offseason.

Will the NY Giants be able to bounce back this campaign under Brian Daboll?

"I would say the Bears but Matt (Verderame) already jumped on the answer and did a fine job of articulating why. I’ll throw the Giants into the ring for two reasons: Brian Burns changes the calculus of this defense, and I like the combination of Brian Daboll and Drew Lock and am very curious to see if it ends up bearing some Geno Smith-ian fruit for the Giants. While I wasn’t sold on Malik Nabers as the best available wide receiver at that point, I think this team can win between eight to 10 games this year despite not having what one would consider a transformative offseason. The Giants are still low on weapons, but their offensive line will develop (read: has to develop) and this defense is seriously formidable, though I would have liked to have seen a repair in the Wink Martindale–Brian Daboll relationship to the point where Martindale would have gotten to use Burns. "

Conor Orr

Orr mentions Drew Lock as well, but we're going to go ahead and assume Daniel Jones will keep his job and do his best to remind everyone why he's a former first-round pick. Jones knows the pressure is on for him, but he's feeling confident leading up to the fall.

With this being Year 3 of the Schoen-Brian Daboll era too, there are no more excuses for Big Blue. It's exciting to see Orr thinks the Giants have the potential to win 8-10 games, which would of course put them in the postseason conversation. It won't be easy for New York, but this team has the ability to be a sneaky-good squad in 2024 - Orr is feeling pretty confident about that.