Joe Schoen throws major QB curveball at Giants fans before the draft 

Giants fan's trade-up hopes are dashed after Schoen's remarks this week
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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Until just recently, it truly felt like the New York Giants had endless options with their No. 6 overall pick. Not only could they stand pat and grab a wide receiver, but they could also trade up for a quarterback or trade down and take the best player available.

Following Joe Schoen's recent press conference, it seems as if one of those options may be essentially off the table. As it stands, it's quite likely that Daniel Jones will be the starter for Week 1, as he's on track to be cleared from his torn ACL by training camp. Could that open the door for NY to not draft a receiver in late April?

Schoen has reiterated his faith in Jones time and time again. Coming off a torn ACL is a serious injury, and some players are never the same again. Schoen was wise to bring in Drew Lock, and it's nice to have fan favorite Tommy DeVito on the roster as well. Here's what Schoen had to say when asked if the Giants need to add another QB in the draft - it has a lot of people talking:

Joe Schoen could end up leaving the QBs room as is for the 2024 season

There is so much to unpack in just that 15-second clip. At this time of year, so many rumors and reports are simply smoke and have no face value. Now that we are getting so close to draft night, teams and general managers may even give the media fake information about their plans to screw up other teams and their potential moves. Is Schoen mastering the element of deception, or is he giving teams free information that he's not in the market for a QB?

It is worth noting that, officially speaking, Schoen was asked if he thinks the Giants need or want another quarterback. His answer of no likely accurately answers the first part of that question. Right now, the Giants have three guys who have proven that they can start games and contribute to winning. However, in today's NFL, you need a proven superstar at quarterback to compete, and Jones, Lock, and DeVito don't quite fit into that category.

It still feels like Giants fans and the media are in the dark about what they will do on April 25. While it seems increasingly likely a WR at No. 6 is in the near future, anyone who has watched NFL drafts before knows the kind of surprises you can expect on draft night. Regardless of Schoen's decision, let's just hope he compiles a rookie class best fit to help a quarterback succeed and lead the G-Men back to the playoffs next campaign.