5 linemen the NY Giants can sign to replace Mark Glowinski

Joe Schoen will have plenty of options in free agency

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3. Damien Lewis

We now enter the part of the blog with the more "realistic" options for the Giants. Not to say these are bad players, but good players who may be a little more budget friendly for the G-Men. Enter Damien Lewis to start us off. Another big body at 6-2, 327 pounds, Lewis has seemed to improve each year he has been in the league.

Even with his size, he has light enough feet to handle different types of run schemes. He also can get the job done in the passing game, boasting a 70.1 pass-block grade. He does struggle with the quicker interior lineman and that is where the coaching staff will have to help him out. They'll need to really make sure they do what they can to continue Lewis' progress and not slow it down.

However, the building blocks are there for a franchise guard. He has shown great ability in all facets of his game, as well as discipline. Only one false start and one holding penalty for him in 2023, not bad when your players don't shoot themselves in the foot.